Mr Gning gave up and conceded 70 % of his lands, in favor of the project

Whatever happens, the SCAC Africa Group remain in Mbomboye. 


Mr Mamadou Gning, the strongest supporter of this project established on his own land did not take it easy, he went all the way. Since him and his family gave up and conceded 70 % of their lands to the SCAC Africa Group, he finds out of place and incomprehensible the behavior of Mr Ndione of the World Bank. This land did not belong to him or any of his relatives, and is not even located in their village. Mr Ndione should simply shut up, he says with a firm and strong voice. There is nothing that he can do against this project which has the support of all the population of Mbomboye he confirms. He can swear and lies all he wants in the medias, but he will not influence the ongoing process. The dog barks, the caravan passes. And soon, the area will be electrified. 
Bravo SCAC Africa


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